A Tale Of Two Peoples

Fellow Kafirs,

The following article was published as a guest column in the Jonesboro Sun on Sunday, June 29, 2014 – It is by former State Representative Jon Hubbard. More citizens should have the courage that this man has – Burkasrugly

Remember the old saying:  “Everyone complains about  the weather, but nobody does anything about it?”  If we were to replace the word “weather” with the word “government,” that statement would be a very fitting epitaph for America today.

America now finds itself in the clutches of global terrorists masquerading as our American government, and we, the American people, are doing absolutely nothing to prevent it.  As eyewitnesses to the damage these criminals have done to this nation, we have given new life and meaning to yet another old saying, which has become painfully obvious: “We may not have the government we want, but we most certainly have the government we deserve!”

Just what has happened to the backbone of the American people since World War II?  As a result of the ongoing liberal mind control epidemic that has consumed America in recent years, the majority of our people now seem to fall into two very distinct categories.  These two groups share equal responsibility for the quagmire our nation finds itself in today, but if either of these groups were to wake up and come to their senses, the United States of America would once again become that “bright and shining city on a hill.”

The first group is made up of those who have bought into the Utopian promises of Barack Obama and his Marxist thugs, hook, line, and sinker, and in the process they have chosen to forsake their own American moral citizenship.  These people have tried so hard to make themselves appear to be “politically correct,” bit in reality all they have done is to become as much an enemy to liberty and freedom as are those global terrorists they so blindly support and follow.

Not only have they become complicit in these crimes against America, they insult anyone who dares to call out and expose Obama and these enemies of mankind.  This group consists of many who openly refer to themselves as Christians, yet they deny and condemn everything Christianity holds sacred and dear.  They defend the outright murder of yet-to-be-born children, they promote the disintegration of the traditional American family, and they demand respect and equality for a “religious” ideology that tortures and murders  the Christians and Jews worldwide.

The second group is perhaps is the saddest of all.  This group is made up of people who say they still believe that America is the greatest nation ever devised by man and inspired by God, yet for reasons known only to themselves they are not willing to stand up and fight to preserve that great nation they claim to love so much.  They complain about it, but they are not willing to do anything about it.  They continue to elect cowards to political office who promise much, but who, once elected, refuse to bring impeachment charges against one who uses the office of our president to intentionally bankrupt and destroy this nation.

America did not become the greatest nation on Earth as a result  of being defended by talkers.  If the American Revolution had depended upon talkers instead of doers in 1776, the Great American Dream would have never gotten off the ground, and we would today be speaking with either a slightly British accent or something far worse.  No, to launch the America that the rest of this misguided world has long depended upon to come to their rescue in times of trouble, it took real people who were willing to risk everything they had and to actually stand up and fight for their country against all enemies, foreign or domestic.  This second group knows exactly what needs to be done, but yet they refuse to do it.

If fair-weather Americans continue to remain silent, maybe they should start looking for stores that sell head rags and burkas, because those will soon become the fashion of choice in America.

Jon Hubbard


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