American Flag A “Threat” To Muslims?

Fellow Kafirs,
A man in Webster, TX says his apartment complex manager told him that his American flag that he proudly displayed outside his apartment was a “threat to the Muslim community.”  Huh?  Watch the following video and I will give you the contact information for the apartment complex after the video.  They need to hear from us! – Burkasrugly

Here is the apartment complex’s website…

You can email them from this website..the phone number is also at the top right-hand corner.  It is: 281.480.3730.

Be very nice, but if you call or email, ask them why they are telling this man that he has to take his American flag down because it is a “threat” to Muslims.  They need to hear from us!  This is America and we will not stand for this nonsense!

A couple of local ACT! for America members here in Jonesboro have already called today.  Please pass this along to all of your contacts.  Let’s make this go VIRAL!!!!

Until next time,




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