Unfit To Live

Fellow Kafirs,

The Nazis and Muslims have a lot in common….Muslims would love to instigate a modern-day holocaust on non-Muslims.  Constantine explains….Burkasrugly

During World War II the Nazis systematically murdered over 11 million people in the death camps of Europe. This mass murder has come to be known as the Holocaust. Six million Jews were killed in obscene ways that stagger the imagination. But in addition 5 million more human beings were eliminated. These other victims included Gypsies, Poles, Slavs, the disabled, the retarded, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, Communists, and other political enemies of the Nazi Party. These people were referred to by the German term “Untermenschen” or sub humans. They were deemed literally unfit to live. Hitler’s Nazi ideology was all about the racial superiority of the Teutonic race. As such the Nazis taught and believed in their own racial supremacy. If only enough of the Untermenschen (the sub humans) could be killed the German Master Race could rule in the Third Reich which would last a thousand years.

In fact, the Third Reich lasted a mere twelve years destroyed in a maelstrom of fire and steel. Like most utopian, supremacist dreams it turned into a horrid nightmare. Paul Tillich, a great theologian of the mid-Twentieth Century said, “You have never confronted human evil until you witness a pile of human shoes the size of a house in a Nazi concentration camp.”

Islam shares many similarities with Nazism. Both movements had a burning, irrational, unquenchable hatred of the Jews. Both movements have a theory of the Master Race. In the case of Islam Muslims are considered the very best of people. While non-Muslims are the equivalent of the Untermenschen or sub humans. Non-Muslims are considered to be filth. In polite circles, the word filth means excrement. All of us who are non-Muslims can be killed with impunity by Muslims. It is not even considered a crime under Sharia Law.

To rid the world of unbelievers or infidels, Islam has developed a theology of killing known as Jihad. Every able-bodied Muslim male is required by Sharia to participate in Jihad. Indeed, it is only by dying in Jihad that the Muslim can be assured of going to Paradise and claiming his Allah provided 72 virgins.

All property of the infidels belongs to the Muslims. It is just waiting for some Muslim to take it. All infidel women and girls can be forced to be sex slaves. Muslims also have a predilection for young boys. No wonder so many inmates of our penal system eagerly flock to the standard of Islam. Islam is a criminal religion, with a criminal god, and above all a criminal prophet named Mohammed. Just as the Nazis felt they had a right to the property of the Jews, so the Islamists have a right to the property of the infidels. Remember Mohammed is considered the perfect man. His every act has been blessed by Allah and should be emulated by all Muslims. This is why Muslims are encouraged to kill, rape, steal, sodomize, lie and torture.

Yes, the Nazis had nothing on the followers of Mohammed. These monsters are preparing another Holocaust for all of us infidels. The Muslims were fascists long before Hitler came on the scene. Mohammed spawned 1400 years of Sharia spouting fanatics whose legacy is one of horror and brutal death. Muslims are religious fascists on steroids.

By the dictates of Sharia all of us filthy infidels are unfit to live !

In hoc signo vinces,



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One Response to Unfit To Live

  1. RaccoonBrat says:

    “Islam shares many similarities with Nazism”: Nazism is the middle form of Marxism. Socialism is the least intrusive form of Marxism. Communism is the worst. As Nazism is a form of Marxism you can also say that islam shares many similarities with communism and socialism. That helps to explain how the obamanation can support islam and at the same time be a Marxist.

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