The Fable Of Muslim Heritage

Fellow infidels,

A new blogger has submitted a blog for your enjoyment. Queen Boadicea “tells it like it is” in an enjoyable, sarcastic way. QB is responding to an internet letter that you can find if you CLICK HERE – Burkasrugly

To whomever wrote the letter titled “Muslims my %#$!”:

Now wait one gol-darn minute here! Weren’t the Muslims around during the Civil Rights era? I thought for sure I heard of a guy named Muhammad Ali who went to court and successfully dodged the draft! Wasn’t he fighting for his Civil Rights to be a coward and let others die in his place? More recently, another great Muslim athlete, Mike Tyson (he of the freakishly tattooed face), contributed to the sport of boxing by biting off the ear of his Christian opponent–a hate crime, in my opinion. I suppose Mr. Obama actually believes, in his stupidity, that the sport of boxing was invented by Muslims. Well, if beating and pummeling those you hate is considered boxing, then I’ll reluctantly have to concede the point.

And what about our dearly beloved Malcolm X, who became a Muslim in prison–where else?–and then changed his name because he didn’t want to have a real American name (“slave name,” in his own words)? Malcolm, the convicted felon, further enhanced American culture by rubbing shoulders with the kidnapping and murdering Wahabbis in Saudi Arabia. Why, his followers have even raised him to sainthood by making a movie about his Mother Teresa-like acts–probably the same acts that got him assassinated. Ah, the high price of martyrdom! And what about this other Civil Rights icon I heard about–the Honorable and Most High and Exalted Ruler of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan? By the way, where is this nation? Has anyone ever seen it? Wasn’t Louis fighting for the civil rights of all Americans when he called our Jewish brothers and sisters the “Mud People” and when he said that Jews and Christians were the descendants of “dogs, monkeys and pigs”? Don’t you feel better knowing that the illustrious Muslims, Ali, Malcolm and Louis, were the ones fighting for your civil rights during the Civil Rights Movement?

Or maybe Mr. Obama was going way back in our history, right to the beginning, when the Founding Fathers found themselves on the receiving end of all that beautiful Muslim culture brought to our shores by the Barbary Pirates from the Moorish Kingdoms? Was Obama referring to their lasting contributions like slavery, piracy on the high seas, rape and torture, and all other examples of Islamic heritage? Well they had cool swords anyway — all the better to behead someone with!

Oh, and surely the letter writer has forgotten the Most High Excellency, the Muslim of all Muslims, the one whose Muslim heritage has pervaded the political life of this great nation, the Holy of Holies, the Magnificent, the All-powerful, the Be All and the End All — the great Barack Hussein Obama himself, sitting on the throne of our country! How can we forget his Muslim contributions to our shared heritage? His loving contribution of health care for all; strengthening our dollar and keeping it safe from corruption; political correctness; peace-making on 5 continents; support of all our allies; ensuring privacy and free speech for everyone (except Christian, white, conservative Americans); the giving of gifts to our friendly Mexican drug cartels; ensuring the religious freedom of us all (except for Jewish and Christian Americans); making the United States the most respected and beloved nation in world history (except in Canada, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Antarctica, and especially in Russia). After all, he won the Nobel Prize, didn’t he, and not too many Muslims have gotten those.

I am sure that these are the wonderful Muslims that Mr. Obama was referring to (mostly himself because he is the Narcissist Extraordinaire) in his speech. Yes, indeedy, the Liar-in-Chief must wake up every morning, look in the mirror, bare his big camel teeth in an evil grin, and ask, “Who is the fairest of them all?” Then he pinches and congratulates himself on turning America into a Muslim nation with the help of his aforementioned allies, as well as his Muslim Brotherhood buddies strewn throughout his cabinet. See how the Muslim heritage is now deeply ingrained in our own culture!

I really need to stop before I make myself puke! Thanks for nothing, Obama and all other Demons from Hell (I mean, Muslims!)

Fed Up with a Capital F

Queen Boadicea


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One Response to The Fable Of Muslim Heritage

  1. Cleo Vanderbilt says:

    Yeah. “Slave name” and yet who took 20 million black Africans as slaves? The mussoes. Yes, there is logic to light the way for the oppressed. Thank you, Malcolm X.

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