Hollywood, Michelle Obama Are Islamaphobes

Fellow infidels,
How do you like those Islamaphobes out in California? You know, Jay Leno and his entourage who were protesting about the sultan of Brunei implementing Sharia law? We have been talking about this for YEARS. Just because these Hollywood idiots have just discovered this we are all supposed to be wowed. Well….anyway I guess this is their “cause” for today. Watch as Robert Spencer talks about this subject:

And how about that Michelle Obama?  I’m afraid that she and Jay Leno might have fatwas put out on them if they don’t shut their Islamaphobic traps.  I have a word for you Hollywood nuts and liberal Democratic hacks – the world doesn’t revolve around you!  There have been countless people who have been victims of Islamic violence.  Many people have been slaughtered in the name of Allah, so do not think that the world should stop on its heel and bow down to you because you have suddenly discovered that Islam is EVIL!

Maybe this won’t be a passing fancy…maybe you will help the rest of us peons to fight this ISLAMIC MENACE and WIN.  You can be a big help, if you would just wake from your liberal stupor.

Until next time,


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