Megan Kelly Puts’ CAIRs Ibrahim Hooper In His Place

Fellow infidels,

For the last couple of nights, Megan Kelly of Fox News’ ‘The Kelly File’ eviscerated CAIRs Ibrahim Hooper.  Hooper was on trying (and failing) to justify CAIRs bullying Brandeis University into taking back Ayan Hirsi Ali’s honorary degree.  Ali, a former Muslim, is a tireless spokeswoman for women who live under the oppressive Islamic law called Sharia.  Honor killings, female genital mutilation,(Ali has personally undergone this) and other horrific tortures are suffered by women in some Muslim countries.  Ali has produced a film called “The Honor Diaries” that exposes these atrocities.  Other Muslim women tell their stories (and Megan intereviewed one) in the film.  CAIR is responsible for getting Brandeis to disinvite Ali and pull her honorary degree.  Watch as Megan takes Hooper to task:

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:

We bet that good ole Ibrahim didn’t like a woman, much less an INFIDEL woman putting him in his place, but yet this infidel woman did!

Hmmm….does Brandeis have anti-Israel speakers?  If they do, then that is a blatant double standard.  By caving in to CAIR and not showing “The Honor Diaries” Brandeis is saying they support honor killings, female genital mutilation, etc.

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