Islamic Group Says Women Don’t Have Right To Breathe

Fellow infidels,

According to Pakistan Today (PT), the Council of Islamic Ideology has declared the mere existence of women to be “un-Islamic” and that”to protect Islam women’s right to breathe should also be taken away from them.”

This article is so absurd that one wonders if it could be satiric, along the lines of “A Modest Proposal”  by Jonathan Swift?  Maybe, but nothing in Islam surprises us anymore.

Nevertheless, Islamic misogyny is real; see “Is Islam Misogynistic?”, an essay in The Slate by an Arab-American woman, for example.   She says she and other women were forbidden to use tampons because it might render their hymen as not intact.  Good God!  And liberals want us to honor and worship these people who still live in the 7th century, yet they say we as Christians are backward and ignorant?  What gives?

You can bet your bottom dollar that these same people who think they are cool, intellectual and cosmopolitan for defending the Muslim culture would balk at living in a Muslim hell hole.  If they love the culture so much, and they want us to shut up and accept our new Muslim prison, then why aren’t they themselves flocking to live in Saudi Arabia?  If given the choice, you KNOW they would choose a Christian civilized society where women can be and do  anything they want without fear of being tortured, gang raped or killed.

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