Baby Beheaded And Cooked By Muslims

Fellow infidels,
We cannot begin to fathom this story, told by a Syrian nun, Sister Hatune. This story, from 2007, never made the news (why is that, O great liberal mainstream media??) The boy was kidnapped from his home and held for ransom of $18,000.  When the family could not pay, the boy was beheaded and cooked in a stew.

The demons in hell are even sickened by this.  May God rid the world of the scourge of Islam.

God help us,


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2 Responses to Baby Beheaded And Cooked By Muslims

  1. Boys and girls, don’t get me wrong here, I hate islam with every fiber of my being, but B. S. ! I can believe many things of these miserable, cowardly filth, but cannibalism? Sorry, I don’t buy it. Not for a minute. Not even their own filthy scum imams would ever allow them to get away with this. As horrid and barbaric as they are, I believe they would draw the line at this. As for me, I will fight them in every facet, in every way, until my last breath, and their last drop of blood. I swear it to God.

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