Australian Pastor Says Christians, Muslims Worship Same God

Fellow infidels,
It always makes us wonder when a Christian spouts nonsense about Christians and Muslims worshipping the same god. Check this video out and in particular pay attention to what the pastor, Brian Houston, says at about the 1:30 point:

Famous American pastor Rick Warren has been accused of promoting Chrislam, the blending of Christianity and Islam. Houston denies that he is promoting Chrislam.

Contrary to what Houston claims, Christians and Muslims NEVER worshipped the same god – even in the Old Testament –  since Jesus is the Word,  and “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”John 1:1. AND Muslims claim that they revere Jesus, BUT it is because they say He was a Muslim prophet. They further claim that He did not die on the cross (they say it was Judas or someone who looked like Jesus), and that He was not the Son of God.

False prophets should be exposed.

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