The Forgotten Jihad (Graphic Images)

Fellow infidels,

 As a human rights organization, ACT! for America strongly condemns these acts committed by Muslims against Buddhists. As a matter of fact, the sooner that Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, peaceful Muslims, atheists, and all other peace-loving people stand together against the radical Muslims, the sooner we may solve this global problem. Check out Constantine’s blog – Burkasrugly

While we have been sleeping in America barbaric jihad has been waged against many religious groups around the world. There is one jihad that has largely been forgotten. Thailand is that country. Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country.

(For more photos and video, CLICK HERE)

Only Satan could sanction this

Only Satan could sanction this

Buddhists are possibly the most peaceful religious group on the face of the earth. One of the central tenets of Buddhism is called “ahimsa”. Ahimsa literally means non-injury. Buddhists do not believe in injuring their fellowmen either in thought, word or deed. Most Buddhist do not even believe in killing and eating animals. Many of them are strict vegetarians. And they would never dream of killing another human being.

The Religion of Peace did this

The Religion of Peace did this


Unfortunately, the 5% of Muslims who live in Thailand do not ascribe to the same worldview. So you have 5% of the population trying to violently force their extremist Islamic ideology on the other 95% of peace-loving Buddhists.

In 2005 the Islamic jihad started in Thailand. So far about 10,000 Thais have been murdered. The sickening, but familiar, campaign of beheadings, bombings and shootings have been levied against the irenic Buddhists. This jihad is also replete with rapes and kidnapping of Thai women.

Now it is common to see Buddhist monks in their saffron robes with Uzis or AK-47s draped over their shoulders as they go about their religious duties. Buddhist are not even afforded the three choices extended to the People of the Book (Jews and Christians). So instead of being given the choice of converting, being killed or paying the jizya, Buddhists have only two choices. They can convert or be killed by the blood thirsty sons of Allah. The Muslims are hell-bent on destroying the kindest, most peaceful people on the planet, Buddhists.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but 98% of the terrorists are Muslims.

In hoc signo vinces,



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