Beheading Is A Sport In Islam (Graphic)

Fellow infidels,

This looks similar to those photos of hunters with a trophy deer, huh? The shocking photo below is representative of quite a number of (not all) Muslims in the world. Muslims who are appalled by this need to do something about this to make it stop – above all STOP BLAMING THOSE WHO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT ISLAM.  It is YOUR responsibility to control these madmen.

An example of a member of Islam, the 'Religion of Peace"

An example of a member of Islam, the ‘Religion of Peace”

This fine, upstanding gentleman lived off of welfare provided by the scumbag Islamaphobes of the Netherlands (sarcasm).  I mean,  after a day full of beheading people he should not be expected to work!

We would not be surprised if this guy is welcomed back to the Netherlands and given a raise in his welfare check.  After all, isn’t he just a perfect example of multiculturalism? (Welfare jihad, eh?) And don’t the liberal do-gooders just eat this stuff up? Islam is just misunderstood.  This upstanding citizen just misunderstood the part in the Koran about “smiting the necks of the unbelievers.”

This kind of behavior is knocking on America’s door.  With massive immigration of Muslims  from Third-World hell holes we are destroying our culture and our beloved country.

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5 Responses to Beheading Is A Sport In Islam (Graphic)

  1. Miso says:

    Gerald Fitz- When was the last time a so called Christian blew up anything??? You’re an idiot!!!

  2. Actually, I’m more concerned about Evangelical Christians in the U.S. than I am about Jihadist Muslim moving here.

    Evangelical Christians are the one responsible for blowing up clinics and bombing sporting events, assassinating doctors in churches or while standing in their kitchens, and protesting at funerals.

    Therefore, I think Christians should take a stand against Evangelicals before they start telling Muslims how they should respond to their radicals. Fitz

    • burkasrugly says:

      You know good and well that those are isolated incidents and that Christians condemn those acts. And, you also know good and well that Muslims are the ones who are committing the vast amount of terrorism in the world today. Do you see pictures of Christians proudly displaying severed heads???? You need prayer desperately. You refuse to see the truth.

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