Victim Of Muslim Gang Rape Sets Herself On Fire

Fellow infidels,

This poor young Pakistani woman couldn’t take it anymore.  She was gang raped by 5 Muslim men.  But to add insult to injury, the perpetrators  were released without punishment so in protest she set herself on fire and as a result died from her injuries.

Why can’t these people see that their so-called religion is no good?  It is evil, vindictive, hateful and has no place in our world. You can read the story at the Clarion Project.  We are also providing an excerpt here:

17-year-old Amina Bibi set herself on fire outside a police station in Muzzaffargarh, in the Punjab region of Pakistan. She did so after being kidnapped at gunpoint and gang raped by 5 men. The police initially investigated, but later released the suspects without charging them.

She was kidnapped by five armed men while she was walking home from college on January 5. Her brother, Ghulam Shabir, who was with her at the time of the kidnapping, told Reuters, “she was already depressed after going through the trauma, but after the release of the accused, she lost all hope of getting justice and set herself on fire.”

Pitiful. These men who did this need to be charged with murder too.  They pushed this girl too far.  Muslims, if this is what your so-called God is about, then no one wants anything to do with him.  The only reason you get converts is because you force people to be Muslim by threat of physical violence.  You are nothing but bullies. If the Gospel of Jesus Christ was preached for one month in some of your filthy hell holes – freely and without threat of violence – there would be massive conversions to Christianity.  Let’s all pray that will happen…it’s none to soon.

You bastards keep yammering on about how you treat your women “like jewels” but you really treat them worse than camel dung.  But what else is to be expected from those with the mindset of 7th century Neanderthals?

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