American Girl Escapes Kidnapping To Saudi Arabia

Fellow infidels,

This story is the kind of story Hollywood should be telling and making movies about….but oh, my! It isn’t Politically Correct! They could NEVER tell the truth about Islam. But they can tell LIES about Christianity and America! – Burkasrugly

The video is very compelling. Please watch and send to all of your friends…especially the ones who still say Muslims are harmless.  Maybe you should also send this to your state legislators and let them know they need to pass American Laws for American Courts so Sharia will not be considered in your state

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3 Responses to American Girl Escapes Kidnapping To Saudi Arabia

  1. Miriam says:

    My daughter was harmed and kept as a prisoner by her former father, Khaled A. Al-Shalhoub, who is a Muslim because he wanted to hurt us both. I don’t agree that you should generalize about “all” muslims.I have met very respectful Muslims that care about their families are are very good members of society. I agree that foreign law, such as sharia does not belong in our courts. Our country, legal system, including judges , attorneys and the American Embassy let us down, they failed to protect and aid an American citizen, and a child. The American embassy told me they were only guests in Saudi and could not interfere yet, if my daughter would have sought refuge in Bahrain or Dubai, they would assist. Where are our interests?

    • burkasrugly says:

      So sorry to hear about your daughter. I understand how you feel, and there are surely a few good Muslims, like the doctor who helped the US get bin Laden (and Obama turned his back on him…I think that is terrible) but most have been infected with the horrendous poison of Islam. It is spreading like a cancer all across the world. Even if they don’t actively participate in beheadings, stonings, etc., they are still responsible for not stopping the hate-filled poison in their countries that is named Islam. These people need to do their part and stand up against the devils that are in their midst. The US can’t do it all…and when we try to we are called “imperialists” and other such nonsense. These people infected with Islam need to be deprogrammed because it is a hateful cult. And I think if you ask most Muslims…if their imam told them to kill an infidel they would do it. That is just the way it is.

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