Missing Plane To Be Used For An EMP Attack On U.S.?

Fellow infidels,

It seems unfathomable, but some people have theorized that the missing Malaysian jet may have been hijacked in order to be used as the vehicle to deliver a nuclear electromagnetic attack on the U.S.  According to Infowars, Senator Ted Cruz warned of just such an attack during his speech at CPAC recently. Cruz said the following:

“When Iran describes Israel as the Little Satan, and America as the Great Satan, we have every interest to make sure they don’t acquire the weaponry to kill millions of Americans.” Cruz imagined a nightmare scenario in which Iran detonated a bomb over “Tel Aviv or New York or Los Angeles.” Detonated here, the effects of an EMP attack could kill “tens of millions of Americans.”

If you want to learn more about EMP attacks, please attend Monday night’s meeting at Barnhill’s Buffet at 7:00 p.m.

Don’t think that they would hesitate for one minute to do this to us.  They are that evil.

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