Retired ASU Professor Loses Daughter To Sharia

Fellow infidels,

If you think that Islamic Sharia law can’t possibly affect you here in little ole Jonesboro, Arkansas, think again.  The following video features an interview with former Arkansas State University Professor Margaret McClain. McClain’s daughter, Heidi, was kidnapped from Jonesboro by her ex-husband when she was five-years-old, and taken to his home country of Saudi Arabia.  Under Sharia law Muslim ex-husbands can exercise rights to remove their children even though it may violate U.S. criminal law.  The last time McClain was able to see her daughter was six years ago. (Heidi is 21 now).  At that time Heidi was wearing a burka and told her mother she would “die for her religion.” Please watch the video.

Absolutely heartbreaking.  How can America allow this to go on?  The Saudis are NOT our friends.  This is even more reason to drill our own oil and cut off dealings with Saudi Arabia.

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