Saudi Men Say Women To Blame For Rape

Fellow infidels,
According to Emirates 24/7 News, Saudi men believe women are to blame for the rising cases involving molestation of females on the grounds they are seduced by women’s excessive make up. (Wow, how can they see makeup under that black bag they wear with eye holes cut out?)

The findings were included in a survey conducted by the Riyadh-based King Abdul Aziz Centre for National Dialogue and involved 992 males and females. (Wonder what the women thought?  Keep your paws OFF of me you Saudi brute???)

The survey, carried by Saudi newspapers, found that 86.5 per cent of the men polled believe that women’s exaggeration in wearing make-up is the main cause of the rise in molestation cases in public places in the conservative Gulf Kingdom. (It can’t be the men’s fault, right?  I mean those 95-pound women who are raped by 6-foot tall,  200-pound men are the aggressor, right?)

Yes, these aggressive women need to be punished as Mohammed would have them punished….after they are gang raped by their Muslim brothers….er I mean after they have committed adultery or fornication they MUST be stoned to death, right?  Mohammed said so!!! He was such a great guy (NOT).

I think I know where we can send all of the feminists. After living in Saudi Arabia, or any other hardcore Islamic country for any length of time they would be BEGGING to come back home to America. They would be singing a different tune then….they would finally acknowledge that American women have it pretty darn good.

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