Pastor Saeed Abedini May Get Clemency

Fellow infidels,
If you have been following the plight of the American pastor, Saeed Abedini, a Christian convert from Islam, you know there is a glimmer of hope that he may receive clemency. Pastor Saeed, as he is called, had travelled to Iran, his birth country, to help start orphanages and he was arrested because of his Christian faith. He was sentenced to eight years in a very tough Iranian prison. He was beaten and suffered internal bleeding and infections from cuts he received from the beatings. He was refused medical care, even though he desperately needed it. Now, the American Center for Law and Justice reports that there is a glimmer of hope….an Iranian official brought up the possibility of clemency.  Also, President Obama finally mentioned Saeed by name when he was speaking with Iranian officials, asking them to release him. Please PRAY for clemency for Pastor Saeed and ask your church family to pray. Here is a link to the ACLJ that you can add your name to the petition asking Iran to release him.  Also, please share it on Facebook and all of your contacts. Thank you!

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