Muslim Found Wandering,Mumbling In NY High School

Fellow infidels,
According to Creeping Sharia, Derie Mohammed was found wandering  around Kenmore West High School Tuesday afternoon made a disjointed reference to “Sandy Hook” and said he “wasn’t a terrorist” while being questioned by police.

Authorities say several students and a teacher observed 36-year-old Derie O. Mohamed of the City of Tonawanda inside the school. He was wearing a trench coat and acting oddly. Within three minutes, the school resource officer escorted Mohamed out of the building.

Town of Tonawanda Police responded to the scene and took Mohamed into custody without incident. They found he had not signed in as a visitor and had no legal right to be on the premises. While interviewing him, officers say Mohamed made a disjointed reference to “Sandy Hook” and that he “wasn’t a terrorist.” He also told police he had recently visited Somalia.

Now, I know what all of you are thinking….but cut it out!  If you think he might have been casing the school, preparing to kill a bunch of infidels, then you are an Islamaphobe!

Click HERE to read the entire story.

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