Christian Patrols To Stop Muslim Harrassment

Fellow infidels,

An ongoing problem in Great Britain has been that British non-Muslims have been being harassed by so-called “Muslim Patrols” that would stop any non-Muslim  (in Muslim areas like Tower Hamlets) who had alcohol or weren’t dressed appropriately (Muslim style…like a burka), or if a man and woman were holding hands, and other nonsensical reasons. The British authorities were no help and citizens finally have had enough. Thus, the Christian Patrols were set up by Britain First.  To learn more, watch the short video below:

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7 Responses to Christian Patrols To Stop Muslim Harrassment

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    About time people started standing up to those terrorists.

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    Now America Christians, get up off your holy a $$ and do something in the of God. If the try to kill you, God has not said that you must let them. He asks which one of you are willing to die in

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