Florida Student Brutally Beaten By Muslim Gang

Fellow infidels,
Don’t say that we did not warn you…Muslims do not integrate into countries and cultures that are different from their own. Rather, they create Muslim enclaves…no-go zones if you will, in that they seek to impose Sharia law. And non-Muslims are expected to abide by Sharia law too if they dare enter these Muslim-controlled areas.  The following video shows a brutal beating of a Florida student whose only crime was that he was drinking a beer.

With all the attention on immigration, we need to make sure that there are NO MORE Muslims brought into our country. They are like wild animals and wild animals can’t be let loose in civilized society. They will wreak havoc and turn our country into a Muslim hell hole.

Send this to everyone on your contact list…we must not allow this to happen in America. Since we have a president who is sympathetic to Muslims and discriminates against Christians, there is no doubt in my mind that this is coming to the US soon.

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