Christian Student Bullied For Refusing To Convert To Islam

Fellow infidels,

This is America’s future if we do not do something to stop this Muslim assault on our culture, freedom, and way of life.  This happened in Switzerland….according to Bare Naked Islam:

Peter is a sixth grade pupil who always enjoyed school until a Muslim classmate began making his life miserable. Ali (name changed) has been badgering him to give up his religion and accept Islam. The teacher’s attempts to intervene have failed.

Islam vs Europe  In Peter’s class, 14 of the 19 school pupils are Muslim. Ali, whose father is a Muslim imam, volunteered to give Peter religious instruction. Only if he were a Muslim, could they be friends.

Ali made fun of Christianity. How is it possible that Jesus is the son of God, asked Ali maliciously. As the class visited a mosque during religious instruction, Ali demanded that Peter pray to Allah. One day Ali gave his classmates a religious pamphlet of the German convert and hate preacher Pierre Vogel, who is banned from Switzerland.

Peter had the courage to tell the whole class that he wasn’t going to let himself be converted to Islam. Ali’s answer: “You are possessed by the devil”. Afterwards other Muslim classmates also turned away from Peter. The conflict climaxed in two classmates holding Peter while Ali threw ping-pong balls at him, continually shouting: “Die!”

Peter suffered ever more often from headaches and stomach pains and developed anxiety disorders. For that reason his mother took him out of the school and began home schooling him.

This is totally unacceptable.  Where are the liberals who always cite “diversity”?  Do they mean diversity except for Christians?  Folks, when European Christian people are in the minority, they will be treated worse than anyone in history….just you wait and see…especially you liberals.  They absolutely will not give you any slack because you are a bleeding heart liberal.

As a matter of fact, these radical Muslims will hate you even more because you push gay marriage, equal rights for women, drug use, etc. Your heads will be the FIRST on the chopping block. Don’t fool yourselves with your moral superiority.

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2 Responses to Christian Student Bullied For Refusing To Convert To Islam

  1. Cleo Vanderbilt says:

    Excellent post. Thank you! Check us out on FB, if you would like. We are FIRST RIGHT. We are ambassadors of the movement against all that is contrary to our society and culture. We are anti-globalist, anti-musso pig and anti-dot on the head (the two are in cahoots at a grassroots chamber of commerce level, and aim to work together to be “The World Economic Superpower.” )

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