Muslims in Nazareth Issue Warning to Christians: ‘..Worship of Jesus is Blasphemy to Allah..’

The more the Muslims try to silence us Christians, the louder we must become.

sharia unveiled

Nazareth Warning to Christians

Banner erected as a warning to Christians in the childhood hometown of Jesus. Photo Courtesy of: Israel Today

by, Staff | Israel Today | h/t Blazing CatFur

As Christians of every stripe in Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth begin to again take a real stand for their faith, local Muslims are warning them not to overstep the boundaries of their traditional place in the Middle East (hint: they must remain dhimmis, or second-class).

A large billboard hanging at a central point in Nazareth features a picture of an Israeli stop sign, along with the English translation of a verse from the Koran cautioning Christians (and Jews) to speak only the “truth” regarding Allah.

The poster (and Koran 4:171) reads:

“O people of the Scripture (Christians)! Do not exceed the limits of your religion. Say nothing but the truth about Allah (The One True God). The Christ Jesus, Son of Mary…

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One Response to Muslims in Nazareth Issue Warning to Christians: ‘..Worship of Jesus is Blasphemy to Allah..’

  1. As long as the people of Israel put up with this filth, the more bolder they will ,become. They must be destroyed. NOW! In this country, and Europe, as well. We will have to do it sooner or later. Do it NOW, while we still can. As for me, I will fight them with every means possible, until my last breath, and their last drop of blood! I swear it to God.

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