Survivor Of Muslim Acid Attack To Speak In Jonesboro

Fellow infidels,
Several years ago a couple of Muslim beasts threw acid into the face of Julie Aftab, a Pakistani Christian teenager, and tried to finish her off by pouring the acid down her throat. This brave woman will be speaking to the Jonesboro, Arkansas chapter of ACT! for America next Monday night at 7:00 p.m. at Barnhill’s Buffet. Please make plans to come hear this woman tell her story. Here is a video of her accepting an award from former Congressman Lieutenant Col. Allen West:

Julie was just a teen-ager working in her native Pakistan when two men attacked her with battery acid and left her to die.  According to The Blaze:

In a description reported by The Daily Mail, Aftab’s teeth began to fall out and her esophagus was substantially burned. As she sought help in the streets outside of the office, a woman poured water over her and took her to the hospital. But the bizarre and traumatic experience didn’t end there. When she arrived for treatment, doctors refused to help her — because she was a Christian.

Click HERE to read more about Julie’s story.

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