Muslim Man Beats-up a Woman Then Cuts Her Nose and Lips Off


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Muslim Woman Crying 8


by, Owais Jafri | The Express Tribune – Pakistan

MULTAN, Pakistan: Qureshi Chowk police in Muzaffargarh on Sunday arrested a man three days after he cut a woman’s nose and lips over a suspicion that she had helped his niece elope. The woman who had undergone three surgeries is still in a critical condition.

Police said the man has confessed to the crime. They said they had recovered the woman’s nose and lips from his house.

Three men, accused of helping him, have also been arrested.

Police said 22-year-old Sakina*, a resident of Ghairiwala, had had an affair with Muhammad Asghar*, 23.

They said they had both eloped after their families had objected to the relationship.

Last week, police said, some of Sakina’s relatives contacted her and persuaded her to return, assuring her that they would allow her to marry Asghar.

Police said Sakina’s uncle, Muhammad Ramazan*, had suspected…

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