Sweden: Islam’s Raping Fields


sharia unveiled

Gang Rape Victim

Photo Courtesy of Bare Naked Islam (BNI)

Sweden’s National Crime Prevention Council 2013 reports indicate 6,000 Rapes and 17,000 Sexual Assaults of Women. Furthermore, only 23% are reported meaning there were an estimated 24,000 Rapes and 68,000 Sexual Assaults.

Nearly 100% are committed by Muslim immigrants.

by, Skanskan | h/t Islam Versus Europe

STOCKHOLM, Sweden: Several hundred people have testified on Twitter  that they were rape victims who never reported.

The initiative for the hash-tag # dark figure was taken by Martina Sundman who urged rape victims to dare to come forward.

The major breakthrough was highlighted in several media outlets.

– I am overwhelmed and impressed with their courage. It’s amazing, says Martina Sundman in Aftonbladet.

According to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) only about 23 percent of women report when they are victims of sex crimes in Sweden.  Last year police reported over 6,000 rapes and almost 17,000 sexual…

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