Knighthood For British Welfare Imam?

Fellow infidels,
Don’t laugh….the mentally challenged leftist politically correct nincompoops in Great Britian would probably give this guy a knighthood.  Oh, how Great Britian has fallen. The sun used to never set on the British Empire. They already give this able-bodied jihad supporter tons of welfare that is paid for by hard-working Brits. Like a subsidy for rent, food, etc.  After all, its the duty of filthy Western infidels like us to pay for the exalted ones, the Muslims, with our tribute, or as they like to call it – jizya.  Sounds like some of the liberals in the US, huh?  Pat Condell has a new video, just in time for the new year.  Enjoy. Keep ’em coming, Pat.

Anjem Choudary, welfare imam

Anjem Choudary, welfare imam

When will the average Brit get tired of paying for their own destruction and adamantly demand that their government stop treating its long-time native-born citizens like trash? I can’t figure out you Brits.  Aren’t you supposed to be the people who defeated the slimy Nazi’s?  What has happened to you?  Buck up Brits!!!

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