Geert Wilders Speech In Australia (video)

Fellow infidels,
Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician who has had to alter his life and live in safehouses and have 24/7 police protection due to violent threats from the Religion of Peace, made a very good speech in Australia earlier this year. He warned the Aussies about what is coming their way if they do not stand up to the Muslim onslaught.  I have transcribed the highlights:

2:28 – I’m here to tell you how Islam is changing the Netherlands and Western Europe unfortunately beyond recognition. We are in the process of losing our culture, our identity and our freedom.
He went on to say that he was speaking there in order to warn Australia about the true nature of Islam: It’s not just a religion as so many people mistakenly think; it is primarily a dangerous and totalitarian ideology.
He warned the Aussies that their country was in danger of Islamization just like his country of the Netherlands. He gave some tips on how to counter the onslaught of Islam. He said:
*Inform people – confront them with the truth. Don’t be afraid to speak…because if you don’t use it you will lose it.
* Find and elect politicians who are not afraid to speak the truth about Islam.
10:00 – Wilders had explained how he and his wife in jail cells and army barracks because of assassins, now live in a government safe house and are required to have bodyguards 24/7. He pointedly asks why this is so since he is not a president or a king, but merely a “simple parliamentarian.”
11:00, the Religion of Peace has many assassins after Wilders. All because he spoke out against Islam. He says his mission is not about him, though, but what is at stake is “the defense of our freedom.”
12:50 – Islam has created a dangerous parallel society within our cities.
13:20 – Islamic presence is changing the character and outlook of Europe. In some urban neighborhoods Islamic regulations are already being enforced. Women’s rights are being trampled. There are burkas, polygamy, honor killings, etc.
He also speaks of Muslim “no go zones” that are cropping up all over Europe.
19:35 – He speaks about the rise of Sharia law in Europe.
21:28 – He begins the second part of his speech – about the nature of Islam. He points out that every religion should be voluntary, but that Islam imposes its rules upon everyone including non-Muslims.
24:12 – The only place Christians are safe in the Middle East is in Israel. He said Israel is a beacon of light in an area of darkness of barbarism. We should all support Israel. He stressed that he always makes a point to distinguish between Muslims and Islam. He said that he had visited many Islamic countries and was overwhelmed by their kindness. He said that they are good people, but are captives of Islam. He compared Israel and its neighbor Egypt saying that because Israel is free it is prosperous and that Islam deprives people of freedom and thus prosperity.
32:40 – He speaks about taqyyia – or lying for the sake of Islam that was first implemented by Mohammed.
34:00 – A public debate about the true nature of Islam and the true character of Mohammed is badly needed no matter how uncomfortable it might make some people.
34:30 – Lessons for Australia. It is important for Aussies to understand Islam is spreading through immigration. Need to try to stop immigration from Islamic countries. Enough is enough.
40:40 – Wilders said people ask how did Europe get themselves into this situation? It is part their fault by adopting the foolish ideology of cultural relativism, which, he said, is far worse than multiculturalism because it advocates that all cultures are equal. He added that cultural relativism is the biggest political disease facing European countries today.
41:20 – The best part of his speech…he said “Because our culture is based upon Christianity, on Judaism, on humanism….this is who we are. We are not and we should never become an Islamic country with Islamic values. And I am proud to say, I really am, and I don’t care if people don’t like it, I am proud to say that our culture that is based on the values of Judaism, Christianity and humanism is far better than the Islamic culture and I’m proud of it.”
43:35 – We abhor violence…as a matter of fact, the reason that we reject Islam is exactly the Islamic violent nature.” He even mentions Ronald Reagan as a fighter against totalitarianism.
44:50 – Let no one tell you that Islam is the Religion of Peace. Islam, ladies and gentlemen, is an ideology of violence.
45:25 – We must stop the Islamization of our countries. It starts by drawing a line and saying “no more Muslims in our countries.” He also said there should be no more mosques should be allowed to be built. Also, he said immigrants will be welcome as long as they behave themselves, otherwise they should be sent packing. Also, he wants political correctness to be put to bed.
48:05 – If we do not oppose Islam, we will lose everything that is dear to us…our freedom, our identity, our democracy, our rule of law and our liberties. He said for the Aussies to demand that immigrants adopt Australian values, and not the other way around. He stressed the importance of defending freedom of speech. He said that Europe are in desperate need of the First Amendment like the United States. He said if we dare speak the truth we will be able to turn the tide. We must outgrow our fears.
54:25 – I believe it would be good for Muslims to leave Islam for Christianity or atheism or whatever, as long as it’s not Islam.
He said he believes Western Civilization will survive this threat because we stand for the truth and the truth will always prevail.

Quite a brave and brilliant fellow, huh?  We need more politicians with GUTS just like Geert in the U.S.

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