Christmas Haters Love Violent Islam

Fellow Infidels,

There is a war on Christmas no doubt. And the radical Muslims love it.  In his article on,“Most Jews Wish You A Merry Christmas” Dennis Prager, a devout Jew, says that some secular Jews like the despicable Mickey Weinstein, who called Christians “monsters”are leftists who resent those who are happy and have a religious identity.  Prager wrote:

“It never occurred to my Orthodox Jewish family not to enjoy this season. It was a tradition in our home to watch the Christmas Mass from the Vatican every Christmas Eve (unless it was a Friday evening, and therefore the Sabbath, when no television watching was allowed). Had you visited our home, you would have seen my mother — and my father, my brother and I all wearing our kippot (Jewish skullcaps) — watching Catholics celebrate Christmas.”

He says it is “nonsense” that non-Christians are excluded from Christmas celebrations.  He also says:

“Overwhelmingly, the Jews who are active in the removal of Christmas from society — such as Mikey Weinstein, the anti-Christian activist (with a soft spot for Islamists) who led the campaign to remove the manger scene from Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina — are not religious Jews.”

People like Weinstein will take violent Islam over peaceful Christianity.  And it is not just some secular Jews who do this. This is a sign that these folks are nuts. Prager agrees.  Note how he ends his wonderful piece:

According to Fox News, Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation “said they were alerted by an undisclosed number of Airmen who said they were emotionally troubled by the sight of [the nativity scene].” That sentence should be reworded. Those who claim to be emotionally troubled by the sight of a nativity scene are not emotionally troubled by the sight of a nativity scene. They are emotionally troubled.

Emotionally troubled, indeed.

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