Muslims Hang Pregnant Woman, Policewoman In Afghanistan

Fellow infidels,

The Religion of Peace is spreading more and more love! Most recently, they hanged a pregnant woman and a policewoman in Afghanistan. All we hear from the wacky liberal mainstream media is the chirp of crickets…no coverage. Where are the feminazis????

According to Reuters:

An Afghan policewoman and a pregnant teacher were hanged and their bodies dumped within a few kilometers of a foreign military base recently handed over to Afghan control, officials said on Thursday.

The two women, policewoman and mother of two Feroza and teacher Malalai – like many in Afghanistan the pair use only one name – were kidnapped on Monday in the conservative southern province of Uruzgan, said Abdullah Hemat, a spokesman for the provincial governor.

“A post-mortem examination shows that both were hanged,” he said. Successive, often deadly, assaults on women working in state institutions are fuelling concern that hard-won women’s rights promoted by the United States and its allies are eroding ahead of the end of the NATO-led combat mission next year.

Several female police officers have been killed in southern provinces in recent months.

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