ACT! For America Stops Anti-Christian Textbooks In Tennessee

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Are you ready for some good news in the struggle against Islamic fascism?  Then please read the INCREDIBLE story of what just a few concerned citizens can do when they stand up and question what is going on in the public school system.  These ACT! for America members have stopped this atrocity…for now.  However, the textbooks will be reviewed by each school district.  We MUST GET THIS INFORMATION OUT so good people can attend school board meetings, ARMED WITH KNOWLEDGE. Will you PLEASE spread the word on this? The ladies have a website  that you can access called Textbook Advocates that you can access HERE. Once you get to the website, across the top there are several tabs.  Click the one that says “Book reviews.”  There you will find links to numerous textbook reviews by experts.  These book reviews are shocking. Does YOUR  child’s school promote these pro-Islamic, pro-Marxist books to your children?- Burkasrugly

Five months ago an 11 year old sixth-grader came home from his middle school in Rutherford County, Tennessee, and told his parents he thought they should take a look at the “world religions” section of his new World History Book.

 The parents looked, and had their world’s rocked with the overwhelming amount of text dedicated to Islam not to mention the lack of attention given to Christianity and the sheer propaganda & indoctrination of Islamic content in that book.

 Their concerns launched a series of historic events in TennesseeAfter considerable research on the book with the help of Dr. Bill Warner, the Mom went on to take this on with the local school board.

 Complaints to their school board were met anywhere from lip service responses, to ignoring requests for meetings all the way to the schools attorney trying to intimidate that Mom so she would not speak at a school board meeting! Not to be silenced the Mom went on to dig deeper and pull together a group of like-minded parents.

It just happens that this Mom is Lisa Moore who is the Communications Leader for the ACT! Chapter in Murfreesboro TN. Lisa has been on the frontlines in Murfreesboro in  the battle against Islam since she signed up to be one of the three original plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the building of a mega mosque in Murfreesboro. She was the only plaintiff to give testimony in those trials. Lisa had spent the past 3 years studying Islam through every resource she could find, and after reviewing the ACT! Textbook report she felt a further calling to address the Islamic issues from the perspective of the indoctrination of our children. It was about that time that her eleven year old son came home from school with that fateful World History Book. Not to be deterred by their local school board’s lack of interest, Lisa pulled together a small group of patriots to start working on this issue at a state level. Lisa was joined by Jackie Archer, one of the local ACT! Chapter Co-leaders.

Together this dynamic duo formed a team to investigate further. Upon discovering that the Social Studies textbooks were coming up for adoption in the state these ACT! ladies began amassing a group of patriots from across the state to take on this battle at the state level before these new textbooks got into the classrooms.

During the entire month of August, against some pretty daunting roadblocks they brought this team of over 100 volunteers across TN together to review the 72 textbooks on the State list: Their findings were horrifying. Not only were the World History books riddled with ridiculous amounts of content on Islam, they were filled with inaccurate history and a white washing of Islam that would make the biggest Muslim public relations firm proud. There was much more though, the American History & Civics books were full of a blatant and downright scary liberal socialist agenda, and the psychology books contained inappropriate sexual content. Out of these books:

– 39% were declared as unacceptable for Tennessee classrooms, period

– 12% need major revisions to meet acceptable standards

– Many more need minor fixes

Through the months of July, August, September and October the group showed up at every Textbook Commission meeting and made well executed presentations and pleas to the Commissioners to educate them on what they were finding in these textbooks. Turns out the Commissioners as well as the panel of teacher reviewers were clueless.

When the Commissioners held their meeting to vote on the books, once again this team of patriots made impassioned pleas to the Commission to do the right thing and reject the books and make the publishers go back to the drawing board. THEY WERE HEARD…When the Director called for a vote and asked for a motion there was dead silence, he again asked for a motion to approve, once again…silence….the Commissioners did not even have a member that would make a motion, the books were not approved! It was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Fully knowing however that the Commission would meet with pressure from the Department of Education, they prepared for next meeting.

Sadly at that next meeting the Commissioners (with only 5 of the 10 present) voted 3-2 to approve the list of books. The books are now being sent out to over 95 school districts in Tennessee who will be tasked with the daunting responsibility of selecting from these books, or having to file a waiver with the state and go find their own.

The group was then instrumental in convincing some of their conservative state legislators to call a special hearing of their Senate Education Committee to address the textbooks. Both Lisa and Jackie along with several others from their group testified at these hearings.

The response from that Senate committee was overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. The Senators were shocked and appalled at the evidence presented to them and have made a firm commitment to disband the useless Textbook Commission and start from scratch.

Unfortunately the Senate Committee was not able to stop these books from being sent on to the local level for selection. The Chairwoman of that Committee has however sent a very strong letter to the DOE stressing they need to stop the books and start over.

These ACT! ladies continue to aggressively fight this battle, they have formed a group called The Textbook Advocates, and in addition to the interactive book reviewer site they pulled together (BaseCamp) this summer, they now also have a website  (, and have created a publication called The Textbook Tattler which was devised to spread the word to unknowing, asleep at the wheel parents and teachers throughout the state; they are creating county teams to address the issue directly with their own school boards to try to stop these books. They are speaking ACT!, Tea Party and other conservative groups throughout the state to help garner more support.

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