Horrific Muslim Attacks Awakening Sleeping Christian Giant

Fellow infidels,

Many of you might know that former Palestinian terrorist turned evangelical Christian Walid Shoebat is a fierce critic of Muslim persecution of Christians, but did you know he also has a son that is just as vocal?  His name is Theodore Shoebat and in the video clip below he gives us some hope that Christians around the world are beginning to fight back against Muslim aggression.  The clip is 10 minutes long, but worth the listen:

Shoebat reminds us that for the first 300 years of Christianity that Christians were persecuted horribly, but Christians began to infiltrate the government (Constantine became the first Christian Roman emporer).  And he recalls the Battle of Lepanto, which was fought off the coast of Greece in 1571, where he points out that the Christian navy formed the actual structure of a crucifix and the Muslim (Turkish Ottoman) navy formed the crescent with their ships.  The visual could not be more clear….it was literally the cross against the crescent.  In a decisive victory the Christians defeated the Muslim navy in only five hours. Some historians argue that Turkish victory could have led to Western Europe being overrun.  Europe would have been Muslim.

He also points out that “this spirit of Christianity that was put to sleep by the Enlightenment” is reviving due to the horrific and dastardly Muslim attacks on Christians around the world. He specifically mentions the African nation of Angola, where the government is fed up with the Muslim violence – so much so that they are closing mosques.  Yes, an African nation is telling the Muslims that they have 72 hours to close down the mosques or they will be bulldozed.  Hooray for those Angolan officials for standing up to Muslim aggression!  Would that American officials have such courage!

Shoebat goes on to say that despite liberals complaining and saying that this is intolerant, that “this is the only way you are going to get rid of the problem.” He also has an answer for those Christians who say that this isn’t Biblical – that they simply do not know the history of Christianity.

Shoebat says that in America the same people who support states that punish Christians for going against the homosexual agenda are the same people who support giving weapons to rebels in Syria who are now killing Christians.

Despite liberals’ attempts to portray Christ as a wimpy, milquetoast flower child, that is about as far from the truth as can be.  As Jesus said in Matthew 10:34 “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

Think on Jesus’ words for a while. He allows us to defend ourselves.

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