Washington State Submits To Islamic Law

Fellow infidels,

Islamic Sharia law is on the march in America. Little by little, inch by inch, the camel gets its nose in the tent. And its whole body is sure to follow. Bare Naked Islam reports that there are now separate swim times for Islamic women at the YMCA.  Here is an excerpt of the BNI story:

In an effort to maintain some semblance of impartiality, the pool also offers a time during which only men may use the pool. Unsurprisingly, the unsolicited opportunity has thus far failed to catch on among the city’s male population.

It is telling that the radical left insists on removing faith out of virtually any policy decision – with the notable exception of Islam. As a result of this latest accommodation, many locals are actively campaigning against the decision. One resident, Robert Neuffer, has already filed his complaint with the Human Rights Commission.

Let’s all pray that Mr. Neuffer’s complaint is heard and acted upon…and that the pool ceases to be Sharia compliant.  If you notice in some of the pictures that are provided on the BNI website, Muslim women DO swim with Muslim men present.  They are just trying to force their supremacist and racist ideology that they call a religion upon all of us.  Par for the course in loony liberal Washington state.

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