Mohammed Had Sex With Dead Woman

Fellow infidels,

More evidence that Islam is from the pit of Hell….from the blog Sex and Sexuality in Islam, which states that Mohammed had sex with a dead woman.  And it is ok for Muslims to have sex with animals.   Here is an excerpt:

Muhammad had sex with a dead woman to qualify her for the perks of a prophetic wife.

According to Hadiths and Sayings of Prophet on issues of women in “Al-Jami Al-Saghir” written by Jalal ul-Din Al-Suyuti.

Narrated by Ibn Abbas: “I (Muhammad) put on her my shirt that she may wear the clothes of heaven, and SLEPT with her in her coffin.”

The prophet was referring to Fatima, the mother of Ali, his son-in-law. Commentators have offered differing views about the significance of Muhammad’s sleeping with the dead-body of Fatimah in her coffin, some emphasizing that it had no sexual side. But Arabic scholar Demetrius explains that to express Muhammad sleeping inside Fatima’s coffin with her dead-body, “The Arabic word used here is “Id’tajat”, which literally means “lay down to have sex.”

Perhaps no other woman wanted to have relations with him.  At least this one was compliant.  Read the entire passage HERE.

They officially do not forbid it in Islam:

And watch this:

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