Vlad The Impaler Was Hero Against Muslim Agression

Fellow infidels,

Vlad the Impaler is a hero in Romania.  Why?  Because he scared the living daylights out of the Turks (Muslims) that were causing all kinds of mischief in his country.  He scared them by impaling them (alive) on stakes where they would often die a very slow death….sometimes it took days for them to die.

It was a cruel thing to do,  and we certainly do not advocate violence like that against anyone, but where did ole Vlad learn his cruelty?  Why, the Muslims, that’s who!  He had been a prisoner of the Turks in his youth and had learned their customs, lifestyle, military structure, and language.  (Remember, Sun Tzu said to know your enemy).

Here is a short video clip that will give you more detail about Vlad:

Over at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance a blogger named Postorius has posted a blog about Vlad.  In it, he says that Muslims are primitive (that is excruciatingly obvious) and we are fighting a 21st century war against a medieval enemy.   He also says the following, which is quite interesting:

We must understand that our enemy in this war has the advantage of being  baptised in a Warrior Creed. Islam itself, teaches them to strike fear into the  hearts of the infidel. To fight without ceasing, and to die the noble death of a  martyr. Warrior Creeds teach that one should not fear dying. Instead, one should  fear dishonor, humiliation, and bringing shame upon one’s people.

This blogger indicates that we really need to use humiliation and dishonor as the main weapons against these primitive magic-beliving moon-god worshippers.  It is time for political correctness to be banished from anything that remotely has anything to do with Islam.  We need to be able to speak the truth….especially if it humiliates them.

Who in the heck does CAIR, the Muslim Student Association, etc., ad nauseam think they are? They agitate for Muslim “rights” as if they are being mistreated.  They ask for (and get) public footbaths in airports. and many liberal enclaves (universities) are using taxpayer funds to install footbaths on their campuses. We are Americans, and this is our country!  We don’t want your stinkin’ burkas, stonings, beheadings, etc.!

As Posterious said “Many Muslims are simply barbarians who can afford appliances.”

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