The Real Truth About ACT! For America

Fellow infidels,

Constantine is sick of CAIR and its ilk spreading lies about ACT! for America.  And he calls them out in his newest blog – Burkasrugly

CAIR (Council On American-Islamic Relations) has long maintained that ACT! for America is a hate group.  CAIR and several other rabid, militant Islamic organizations seek to paint us as being monsters dealing in lies about Islam.

I have several questions that I would like CAIR to answer directly.

Has any member of ACT for America ever beheaded a Muslim?

Do we advocate the inferiority of women?

Has any ACT for America person ever been linked to a suicide bombing or a terrorist attack?

Can you find the first ACT for America member that has cut off the hands of a thief or stoned a woman?

Is ACT for America trying to replace the U.S. Constitution with any kind of religious law?

Are we as ACT for America constituents trying to stifle the practice of free speech?

Do we as ACT for America participants believe in killing people who leave a certain religion or a political ideology?

Have any of us at ACT for America enslaved another human being?

I defy CAIR and its ilk to find the first person who belongs to ACT for America who has ever committed any of the actions in the above 8 questions.

ACT for America is most definitely NOT a hate organization.  We are a TRUTH organization.

We have no religious or political tests for membership.  We are diverse people who love America.  Our membership draws from all the religious outlooks of humanity.  Our people include Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Confucians, Christians, non-believers, and yes, even Muslims.  Politically, we have Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Tea Partiers.  Men, women, teenagers, and children are accepted equally despite their age.

We believe and advocate non-violent resistance to terrorism.   We believe that TRUTH is the best antidote for deception and falsehood.  We are very much against the barbaric penal code known as Sharia.  We believe in the equality of all people under the Constitution of the United States. We categorically reject the Hitleresque Big Lie Technique and all forms of fascism, especially those that masquerade as a religion.

CAIR (aka the Muslim Brotherhood in America), I have some advice for you.  Straighten up your own deceptive behavior. Stop plotting the demise of this great nation.  Cease projecting your own depraved, barbaric values on the noble organization called ACT for America!

In hoc signo vinces,



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