German Freedom Party Leader Michael Stürzenberger Speaks About the Thousands of Germans Murdered by Muslim Immigrants

Crazy…this is the fruits of the labor of liberals and their exalted “multiculturalism.”

sharia unveiled

German Freedom Party Logo (resized)

3,700 innocent German citizens murdered by Muslims

(And the German media is silent)

Well, not completely silent.  Just silent about the crimes committed by Muslims.


Michael Stürzenberger discusses how the main stream media (MSM) in Germany suppresses stories of German citizens that are murdered by Muslim immigrants.  How they hide the details of the perpetrators to deceive the public and protect the Muslims.  Although, Michael poignantly illustrates how the media will focus in great detail on cases where a Muslim complains of the slightest thing.



Vielen Dank an Michael Stürzenberger, der Deutschen Freiheitspartei, Politically Incorrect und alle unsere wunderbaren Leser in Deutschland. Wir bei sharia unveiled liebe euch alle.

Thank you to Blazing Cat Fur

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