Pakistani Muslim Drowns His Newborn Baby Girl Then Murders His Wife for Objecting

He is probably a Southern Baptist, huh?

sharia unveiled

Pakistani man murders baby and wife

Photo: Courtesy of Dunya News Tv.

Pakistani man began beating his wife upon her arrival home from the hospital for giving birth to another girl.

by, Correspondent | Pakistan Today

A father of six daughters killed his youngest, 10-day old daughter and wife in Sheikhupura.

Amir, a resident of Wara Karim Bakhsh, started beating his wife on her return from the hospital after she gave birth to a sixth daughter.

Amir killed the newborn daughter by drowning her in a water tub. The man got enraged when the wife and her relatives protested over the killing of the newborn baby.

The heartless man shot his wife to death when she was asleep. According to SHO police station Saleem Niazi, the accused Amir has confessed to the crime. However, the SHO said the man appeared to be mentally unstable.

The family members of Amir and his murdered wife have demanded an…

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