Stupid Liberal Women Keep Marrying Muslims

Fellow infidels,

It is a sad thing, yet entirely avoidable, if young, liberal women (and older ones for that matter) would quit allowing themselves to be brainwashed by the feel-good multicultural hogwash that is being spoon fed to millions of college kids in the United States.  Have they never watched the movie “Not Without My Daughter” with Sally Field? I really doubt that movie could be made today…it would be proclaimed  “Islamaphobic” by CAIR and the producers would wet their pants and immediately stop production.

According to Atlas Shrugs, this young woman, described as  “bright multicultural studies student from upstate New York,” was shocked that she and her children were captives in the Middle East, held against their will by her Muslim husband and his family who dabbled in terrorism.  Here is an excerpt:

LONDON — Gunfire cracked all around Sara Rogers as she climbed to the roof of her high-rise home in Gaza. The year was 2005, and Israeli  soldiers were fighting Palestinian gunmen to stop rocket attacks and  destroy smuggling tunnels.

Rogers closed her eyes. “Just let one hit me in the head,” she begged. “And make it quick.”

It was not the months of violence of the Second Intifada that made the  Italian-American college graduate ache for death. It was her virtual  enslavement by one of the most feared families in the Middle East.

Days later, Rogers was in a taxi with her five children, praying her husband wouldn’t catch her and their five children before she reached the  Israeli border.

If the lamestream media would do its job and report on these horrible kidnapping stories, and if the liberals would open their eyes and use their brains for once, maybe things would change.  The U.S. government needs to do its part too. We have plenty of oil here…we don’t need oil from the Middle East. We don’t need to kowtow or bow and scrape to these satanic monsters.  We just need a president who puts us first instead of sucking up to the Muslims.

If this happened to a Hollywood star things would change quickly because the media likes to report on these airheads since they are nothing more than airheads themselves.  It is sickening.  Let  a kidnapping like this happen to regular hardworking people and no one cares.  I am sick of liberals, the liberal media, and our gutless liberal representatives (including wimpy Republican RINOs) running America and Americans into the ground.

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