Gitmo Detainee Released For Being Too Fat (Unbelievable)

Fellow infidels,

The Scarlet Pimpernel has made a rare appearance.  The Pimpernel has a way with words….the only thing I might add to this blog is “fatty, fatty, two by four,….Burkasrugly

Tarek El-Sawah is being paroled from the Guantanamo Prisoner of War camp because he is too obese.

Tarek who is a 55-year-old Egyptian was captured 11 years ago. He was charged with conspiracy and providing material support for terrorism. Back then he was 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighed 215 pounds. Not exactly thin by anyone’s standards, but at least not morbidly obese. However, since then Mr. El-Sawah has had a tremendous spurt of growth. He has grown, not vertically, but horizontally. A decade later he has almost doubled his weight. Today, he weighs in at a mere 420 pounds. His girth must be unfathomable.

Tarek now has adult on set diabetes (Type 2) and chronic heart failure. Reportedly, he can only walk about 10 feet at a time before becoming short of breath and is unable to stay awake even during meetings.

Tarek has clearly been visiting the “all you can eat falafel bar” a bit too frequently. What ever happened to the Geneva Convention standards of providing 2400 calories a day for prisoners of war? Uncle Sam has been a tad too generous in doling out the chow. Must be a criminal conspiracy by the U. S. Government to kill off jihadis by making them fatter than pigs (No offense intended, at least not to pigs).

During the Second World War 31% of all Americans who were taken prisoners by the Japanese died of a combination of starvation and beatings. My own father who served in the Green Hell of New Guinea and the South Pacific for 36 months mustered out in 1946. He weighed only 133 pounds. Dad was 6 feet, 3 inches tall. He was not even a prisoner of war. He suffered from malaria, dengue fever, jungle rot and intestinal parasites. He rarely got enough food to eat. I have a photo of him in the summer of 1946. He and Mom were visiting the Texas Gulf coast. He was in his bathing trunks and looked like a living skeleton

There are currently 164 inmates still in Gitmo. (Many have been released and promptly returned to their old trade, that of being savage criminal jihadis). The remaining 164 prisoners are being served by over 100 doctors, nurses and other health care professionals.
(Beats the hell out of ObamaCare !)

While American prisoners of war in the past faced starvation Tarek (El-Chubbo) El-Sawah has merely doubled his weight. Well, I guess this only proves that Political Correctness can definitely be hazardous to one’s health.

Three high-ranking military officers (One is Major General Jay Hood and one is Rear Admiral David Thomas) have gone to bat for Tarek writing letters urging his parole. An unnamed officer wrote, “Frankly, I felt Tarek was a good man on the other side who, in a
different world, different time, different place, could easily be accepted as a friend or neighbor.”

Well, we are definitely not in a different world or time. Last time I checked we were in the struggle for our very lives against brutal, bloody Islam.

The Scarlet Pimpernel

P.S. Tarek, cut back on the Koran reading and the TV watching. Start hitting the state of the art gym that the American tax payers have funded for you and the other 163 prisoners.


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2 Responses to Gitmo Detainee Released For Being Too Fat (Unbelievable)

  1. This is disgusting! They should force him to consume pork or starve to death. I would! Speaking of brutality, if ever any member of my family is killed or otherwise harmed by these barbarians, I will show them a level of brutality that, frankly, even THEY will not believe.

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