Muslim Cleric Caught Raping and Attempting to Murder a 3-Year-old Girl

This man was just imitating what the Satanic Mohammed would do. No surprise here.

sharia unveiled

Death Toll Rises In Clashes Between Hamas And Fatah

The grave digger told police that the cleric initially tried to put on the dress, but on seeing some other men approach, he left his clothes behind and fled.

By, Owais Jafri | The Express Tribune – Pakistan

Multan, Pakistan:  Residents of Koraywala Colony in Multan caught a prayer leader on Sunday evening for plotting to rape and kill a three-year-old. He was beaten up, stripped and tied to an electricity pole before he was handed over to the Bahauddin Zakariya police. Police said he had confessed to his attempted assault.

The child was taken to a hospital, where she was later reported to be out of danger.

Investigation Officer Sheikh Mukhtar said that the girl and her brother were both students at a seminary in the neighbourhood. He said on Sunday their father had dropped them at the seminary for their daily Quran lessons.

After the lesson, he said…

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