Three Pakistani Muslims Torture a 13-Year-old Orphan Boy to Death Over Petty Theft

Rot in Hell, scumbags!!!!!!!!

sharia unveiled

Torture 1


by, SHAFIQ BUTT | – Pakistan

Sahiwal, Pakistan:  Harrappa police have yet to arrest a shopkeeper and his two associates who allegedly tortured a 13-year-old orphan boy to death on Friday night while ‘interrogating’ him in connection with a petty theft.

Waqas Anjum, whose father had died, worked as a helper at the grocery shop owned by Suleman at 105/7-R village. His widow mother is a daily-wager.

On Thursday night, a theft occurred in the shop of Suleman who called a khoji (a person who claims he can trace a thief by following footprints) next day to resolve the matter.

According to locals, the khoji after inspecting the crime scene told Suleman that Waqas was the thief. At this, the shop owner, along with two influential men of his Biradri – Khalid and Muzammil – went to Waqas’ house on Friday night and asked his mother to hand…

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