“Great” Britain Allows Muslims To Rape Native-Born Girls

Fellow infidels,

It’s bad enough when you have a sadistic, sex-obsessed and blood thirsty political system masquerading in your country as a religion, but when your own government doesn’t lift a finger to defend some of its most vulnerable citizens from that sick, twisted group, then there is almost no hope. That is, unless you believe in the one true God, Jesus Christ.  Muslims are getting away with rape because no one in the government wants to be called Islamaphobic. Hey, England!!! So you are OK with allowing these vicious, stinking animals to rape your little girls?? You might as well be a Muslim country…you sure are acting that way.  Sir Winston Churchill would be rolling over in his grave and all the men who died to save Europe from Hitler’s Nazi’s are rolling over in their graves too.  SHEESH!!!! – Burkasrugly

Please watch this informative video clip:

Come on England!!!! Buck up and deport these monsters before it is too late!

Until next time,



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