Saudi Finally Admits Jews Did Not Fly Planes Into Buildings

Fellow infidels,

Lol, perhaps the self-proclaimed former Jew who claimed at Nonie Darwish’s lecture regarding 9-11 that “the Jews did it” should watch this video.  It has been almost two years  since Ms. Darwish lectured at Arkansas State University.

Following is an excerpt of our blog from Nonie Darwish’s lecture at ASU:

One of the sideshows during the lecture was the statement by a self-proclaimed former Jew who claimed that he became enlightened two years ago and became a follower of Mohammed.  The gentleman, who was dressed in full Islamic regalia including a skullcap, robe, and sandals, went on to claim that the Jews were the ones who were responsible for 9-11.  Nice. The MSA probably loves this useful idiot.

Hopefully, the guy will admit his error.  If he ever decides to leave Islam, it will be like the Hotel California…he can check in, but he can never check out.

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