Racist Saudi Muslim Beats His African Slave Labor (Video)

I know some ASU professors who need to READ this and ACT on it!!!

sharia unveiled

Islam is Slavery 2 (resized)


by, Schuyler Montague

Before you think that this was an event that occurred centuries ago.. think again.  This video was shot 3 months ago in Saudi Arabia.  Yes, slave labor is alive and well in the Muslim countries today.  86% of all slaves in the Muslim world today are black Africans.  Where is the ACLU?  Where is the NAACP?  You hypocrites!  The black man is free in America today.. and has been for many years.  But, look at these humans that are still held captive today, beneath the racist idealogies of Islam.  Look at our brothers and sisters that are still stolen from Africa today and enslaved by the supremacy of the Muslim man.  And, you look away.  You pretend it doesn’t exist because it doesn’t fit within the confines of your narrative. Shame on you all.


In this next video you will see Saudi Muslims beating, kicking…

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