A Picture Is Worth A Thousand (Gruesome) Words

Fellow infidels,

It pains me greatly to have to publish this horrendous picture, but the world has to be told the truth…that Islam is evil and sadistic, and MUST NOT be appeased.  Muslims DO NOT worship the same God that we Christians do, as is apparent when one reads this story and looks at the picture.  This is pure torture beyond what most of us have seen.  We are so very lucky to live in a Christian country where we can openly read the Bible…for now.  If Sharia law is implemented, we will see torture like this in America.  The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when they prohibited ‘cruel and unusual punishment.’  States need to add that extra layer of protection and outlaw Sharia law.  Remember!  Sharia law is mostly for infidels!  Folks, that is US! – Burkasrugly

There is a new punishment for reading the Bible in Saudi Arabia. Your right hand is shredded. The four fingers and thumb are cut to the bone forty or fifty times. Muscles and nerves are severed so as to render the hand useless in the future. Also this punishment is carried out in filthy conditions making serious infection almost certain.

File photo

File photo

The Saudis are our allies. Remember Obama even bows to their king. They keep us supplied with oil at an exorbitant prices. They are also the most intolerant of all Islamic countries applying Sharia law exactly and without mercy.

What kind of person would deliberately torture another human being in this way?? A sadistic monster who had no compassion. A person whose world view was warped beyond normal comprehension. A person so intolerant that he allowed no possibility for being wrong. For more on this horrendous practice click HERE (h/t to The Muslim Issue).

In short, a follower of that mad maniac Mohammed.

In hoc signo vinces,


P.S. While we cannot guarantee the authenticity of this photo, we do know the Koran commands the cutting off of hands for thievery. Isn’t reading the Bible if you are a Muslim a form of intellectual theft? You are recognizing the authority of the Christian God instead of Allah. Certainly some Islamic savage who would cut off a hand for minor theft, wouldn’t hesitate to shred a human hand for reading the wrong religious book. I rest my case.


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7 Responses to A Picture Is Worth A Thousand (Gruesome) Words

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  2. Душан М. Стојановић says:

    When the islamic people learn what is the thru, they will change the mind.

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  5. Is this picture (GRUESOME) enough 4- the ”CHRISTIANS” of the world !

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