Obama’s Big Lie Technique

Fellow infidels,

Constantine makes the case – and quite well I might add – that Obama has some of the same tendencies as Adolph Hitler…namely lying – Burkasrugly

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” Adolph Hitler

The above quotation comes direct from the writings of der Fuhrer. Hitler, one of the most evil men in human history, lied often and boldly. Hitler believed that the bigger the lie and the more often it was told the more likely the masses were to believe it.

Our Lord and Savior, Obama is showing many of the same malevolent tendencies as did Hitler. First he lied about Operation Fast and Furious which has claimed over 300 innocent lives in the USA and Mexico. Next there was the whole Benghazi affair where four brave Americans died and another 30 were wounded while Obama supposedly snoozed. (Didn’t Hitler sleep through most of D-Day because his generals were afraid to wake him?) It was all blamed on some third-rate video chronicling the life of Mohammed. Next there was the IRS scandal where the IRS targeted conservative groups who were opposed to the agenda of the Obama regime. And finally the NSA spying scandal whereby the regime gathered phone call and e-mails to intimidate patriotic Americans who believed that the Constitution was the law of the land.

Obama then told the biggest whopper of all. These were all “phony” scandals hatched by the evil Republicans to derail his administration. Well, we have a phony prince of prevarication camping out in the White House. His evil knows no end.

The one thing that alarms me the most is his romance with the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic militancy, dedicated to destroying the United States. Obama loves the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, you could say he is in bed with the Brotherhood. He is the biggest supporter of the Brotherhood. He has appointed dozens of their members to sensitive positions in our government. He has consistently sided with their goals and decisions. While opposing genuine movements for democracy in Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan. He hates the nation of Israel the only true democracy in the Middle East. And he will do anything to deprive Israel of the support of the United States.

Meanwhile the masses are kept loyal to his wicked regime by free Obama phones and food stamps. Obama needs to study history. In the long run he will go down in the footnotes of history as a two-bit Hitler. The real question is how many good, loyal Americans will perish because of his perfidies.

In hoc signo,


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