Imam Confirms Pedophilia Is Ok For Muslims

Fellow infidels,

Is it Islamaphobia (a made up word) when an Islamic imam confirms what we already know…that Mohammed was a low-down scumbag pedophile who has millions of men who emulate him because he is considered to be the perfect man?   We do not have to make anything up….they proclaim it proudly.  Watch this imam below and see how unashamed he is in telling Muslim men that it is OK to rape little innocent girls.  Oh, yes, and be sure to watch for the next blog coming shortly about a little 11-year-old girl from Yemen who escaped this kind of hell.

Notice that he is not worried about the little girls…he is ONLY worried that Muslims are starting to question this practice.  AND he is worried that he and other dirty old men won’t get their jollies with little girls. May the dung of 1,000 camels be dumped upon him.

Until next time,


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