Sharia Law Is Demonic, Archaic Says Nonie Darwish

Fellow infidels,

Our friend, Nonie Darwish, gave one of her best speeches at the AFDI/SIOA Conference recently. Nonie spent 30 years of her life in the Middle East and knows first hand how Sharia  (Islamic) law works, and how young women who live there are absolutely terrified of it. In the video below Nonie talks about the horrors of living in a land where women were second-class citizens under Sharia law. Nonie is a great patriot, and at the end of the video she praises America. Have you ever noticed that some of our greatest patriots were not born here? Those, like Nonie, who have lived under oppression in a foreign land really understand how great this country really is and how precious our freedoms are. Thank you, Nonie, for traveling around our country to tell your story so that others might see the light. You are a patriot!

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