Labour Party Candidate Says Islam “Not A Religion Of Peace”

Fellow infidels,

Another woman with guts.  This time in Great Britain where the men have become wimpy.

From Bare Naked Islam:

UK: ANN MARIE WATERS, controversial anti-sharia candidate is a Labour Party frontrunner for Brighton Pavilion, in the next general election

Ann Marie Waters self-describes herself as “an anti-Sharia campaigner”, and says that Islam is a scary religion that, in her words, is “not a religion of peace.”She makes it clear that she thinks that religiously observant Muslims should leave the UK. The campaign that Waters is co-director of, One Law for All, wants to see Sharia law outlawed in the UK.

This is encouraging…maybe she will inspire others and take their country back…if it isn’t too late, but I am afraid that it is.

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