English Defense League Won’t Appease Islam

Fellow infidels,

A word to appeasers of Islam:

Alright, all you spineless liberal progressive jellyfish, (in England AND in America) this is going to make your head explode. The English Defense League is a champion of human rights, period. They are NOT fascist, hate-mongering Islamaphobes. They point out the truth of Islam – i.e., violence including but not limited to beheadings, stonings, amputations, and rape. Oh, and never forget Islamic homicide/suicide bombers. Pat Condell points out in the video below that you folks have allowed truth to become the enemy. He’s right. You lily-livered sniveling cowards would rather bow and scrape to Islam and let them dominate you rather than stand up for your God-given(the real God, not their Satanic version)rights as a human being.

Until next time,



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